Breast Cancer Survivors

I am Philadelphia and New York City Bridal Makeup Artist, who seeks to "empower women through health & beauty." It is my sincere belief that "every woman should feel as good as she looks." So this spring, as part of the Survivor's Project, I worked with an awesome group of ladies; in Philadelphia, PA; they have been empowered because these are women who fought breast cancer and survived. Breast cancer is a growing concern in the U.S.A., which affects the lives of both men and women.

Even as a learned physician, who understands the goals of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and is thoroughly aware of how breast cancer affects the lives of women, these sessions allowed and gave me the space to developed a better insight of how the experience of chemotherapy has changed the lives of these brave women, but not their spirit.

Each woman is a testament to millions of people for what it means to be a survivor, and yet they continue to smile. For the best smile in the world is one that shines inside and out.